Monday, November 12, 2007

NaNoWriMo progress compared to last year

Almost exactly one year ago, I had nearly 24,000 words on my NaNo novel.

This year, all I have so far is an outline.

I'm going to blame it on the holidays, on Panama, and on an increased need for income this year. I have lots of work that I'm doing to try to maintain the luxury that Panama is accustomed to (i.e. having a roof over his head, shavings on his stall floor, and a trainer to teach him to be a nice horsey). At the same time, I'm planning to take off the entire week of Thanksgiving, so I'm scrambling to get everything done in time. All that billable work just doesn't leave much time for noveling.

With any luck I'll at least get started on my novel before the month is out...


Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

I made some progress last night, but nowhere near the amount I need to "catch up." I've concluded that the only way I'll ever get around to writing my own book is to take some time off from the freelancing routine. Even when it's a story I'm really excited about telling, I just have no motivation to write after having spent 8+ hours writing/editing for other people. I'm planning to take only two days off for the holiday (Wednesday to cook and Thursday) but maybe I'll try for Friday as well.

Katharine Swan said...

I agree, taking some time off from freelancing is a necessity. I think one of the reasons I did so well on NaNo last year is because I was able to reduce my workload by about 25 percent -- just enough that I was able to get a couple hours of noveling in every day. Unfortunately, that's not an option this year!


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