Sunday, November 25, 2007

Our Thanksgiving

Although I ended up having some work to do over Thanksgiving week, Michael and I had a pretty good holiday. We started out our week by going back to the bed and breakfast we stayed at when we got married — not the honeymoon, but our wedding night and the couple of night leading up to it. We also went back to the winery where we had our wedding, and bought several bottles to bring home with us.

Besides celebrating a mini-anniversary, we also browsed local book stores and antique stores. We found a nice period hanging lamp for our breakfast nook, and I got some cool old coins and an old photo, all of which I'll blog about in a future post.

After our little side trip, we stayed the rest of the week with Michael's parents. Everything from there on out was the typical family visit activities: visiting Michael's brother and his family, spending time with all of the horses (including my mother-in-law's 7-month-old colt), etc.

Well, almost everything was typical. Michael caught a 24-hour flu while we were there — Thanksgiving night, in fact. He was out of commission Thursday evening through Friday afternoon, and still wasn't feeling up to having a belated Thanksgiving meal Friday evening. As a result, we stayed one extra day — so that we could see the family a little more on Saturday, but also so that Michael was also recovered enough to sit through a long drive.

So today — Sunday — we finally made the trip back. The week has inspired a lot of blog posts, some of which I have already started writing, and which I will post over the next few days.

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