Friday, November 16, 2007

Too Much Information

Another of Amy Derby's Freelanceaholic posts inspired me: a meme where she (literally!) tells all. Read the comments, too! I can totally relate to Amy's not-caring-what-people-think thing, but sometimes I still wonder later if I should have posted something. Case in point: my belly button post.

Amy's post contains lots of things that are normally taboo to reveal. But you know what? Most of it applies to me, too.

1. Like Amy, I have allergies, though not as severe. When I was a baby, I could only wear one brand of diapers — all the rest gave me a rash. I've had bouts with perfumed lotion, too, where I get red, scaly patches that won't go away until I switch to something else. I can't wear any jewelry except gold, sterling silver, and stainless steel — and then only high-quality stuff, or I develop a nasty rash that takes weeks to go away. And I'm allergic to my darn cats — though don't tell them that!

2. Until I started getting all horsey on a daily basis, I wasn't bathing every day, either. Now I do, but mainly because my hobby is playing with animals that sleep in their poo. I figure writing is not very active, nor very dirty — so if that's all I'm doing, then why bother? (Though my beautiful antique claw foot tub is a really good reason why!)

3. I don't shave every day either. I'll go as long as I can without shaving during fall, winter, and spring (when I never wear shorts, and rarely wear sundresses).

4. I stopped wearing commercial deodorant more than a year ago. D#mn stuff makes me itch; I only put up with it that long because I felt I had to. When I went freelance, I found I didn't really need it: I wasn't very active, and I was never in stressful social situations. However, with all my horse-related activity, I started needing it again, so I'm now experimenting with a natural product (some type of mineral water).

5. I'm not particularly opposed to bras, but like Amy I tend not to wear one all that often. When I was at home all day every day, I just wore those bra top tank tops (with yoga pants) while I worked. However, when I'm active I actually find that wearing a bra is more comfortable, so this is another aspect of my life that has changed since I moved Panama to town.

And two more, just for fun:

6. I don't think I am actually OCD, but I definitely have some OCD tendencies. I have to be "even," for one thing: If I accidentally kick one ankle when I'm walking, I'll literally kick the other so that they both feel the same. It's usually subconscious. Also, I make lists like crazy (though I never follow most of them), and I have things that I have to do a certain way — like folding towels and washcloths, for example. Michael doesn't dare touch the laundry, even when I'm behind on it!

7. I "rescue" spiders when I find them inside (which I do frequently, our house being 87 years old). I catch them in a glass and take them outside. Lately, though, I've gotten lazy — but I still won't kill them, because it makes me feel bad. As a result, we have several spiders that we allow to live with us, just as long as they promise not to go anywhere near the bed.

Stay tuned for the next TMI post: All about my bodily functions.

(Just kidding.)

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