Thursday, November 15, 2007

...Back to feast again

Just a week and a half ago, I posted about the slump in my workload (and, more importantly, my income). Now, suddenly, I'm back to feasting again... Which is, incidentally, why I haven't posted very much this week.

Within 24 hours of posting about my little famine, I had two rush projects (which, incidentally, caused me to institute a rush order policy). Then I had a brand-new client contact me completely out of the blue — having found me via my website, which demonstrates the value of a good writer's site and online portfolio. I've gotten several more projects since, one of which was another rush fee (which I quite happily charged an extra 25 percent for).

The timing of this feast is making things rather hectic. I am determined to take Thanksgiving week off completely, so I've been telling clients I'm unable to work next week. Some have been okay with that, but another wasn't — which is where my more recent rush order came from. I've been working most evenings — Tuesday night until 3am! — to make sure I get all this work done this week.

Of course, there are two payoffs to make up for the long hours this week: The income, obviously, but also the sheer relief of having an entire week off. It will be only the second one in my two years of freelancing, as I usually only get a few days in a row at most, and even tend to bring work on my vacations.


Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

Well, I'm glad to hear someone is feasting. Both Lori and I have been lamenting our recent slowdowns. I have to admit, my slowdown came at a good time, however, as it afforded me more of an opportunity to lash out about these new Elance changes. I have the project I was paid up front for (from the client I was otherwise no longer going to work for) to finish out this week, but next week is looking mighty empty! NaNoWriMo catch-up time? Maybe!

Katharine Swan said...


I'll admit, the extra money is nice, but I would have rather been busy the last couple of weeks and slower this week, like you. Trying to get it all done this week has been rough. :o)

Amy said...

Enjoy your week off. I'm so jealous. Two hours off is like a vacation to me. Honestly, I'd have no idea what to do with myself for a whole week without work. I'd probably end up wallpapering something, and since I rent my apartment, that would be a bad move. :-)


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