Friday, November 02, 2007

NaNoWriMo meeting

Tonight I attended a meeting for local NaNoWriMo participants.

There are two basic kinds of NaNo meetings: write-ins, and social get-togethers. The meeting tonight was the latter kind. We met at Perkins to eat, chat, and work (a little). I stayed for almost four hours, and was far from the last person to leave.

JupiterStar (Sabrina), our ML, passed out stickers. I love mine:

Although I loved our meetings last year, I have to say that so far, this year's are better. Partly that is because we have more people who are willing to attend. I also like the fact that the other attendees are a little older — I think most of us are in our twenties. (Last year the group was half teenagers.)

For the last hour or so before I left, people fell to private conversations, and several drifted off to work on their own. I worked then, too, getting a little bit done on my outline. Trying to remember the outline I was developing in my head a month ago is difficult; I knew at the time that I should have written it down, but I never believe that I'll actually forget.

Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to finish my outline and get going on my novel, in between all the other work I need to do.

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