Monday, November 26, 2007

Billboard marketing

On the highway during our trip last week, I spotted a billboard with this logo:

My first thought was that the sign said, "Fiddler's Fridge." It took a second look before I realized what it really said: "Fiddler's Ridge." Then I glanced at Michael, who was driving, and realized he was staring at it too.

I think this sign is easy to misread. The oversized "F" in "Fiddler's" and the strangely sinuous "R" in "Ridge" create the illusion that the sign, in fact, says "Fiddler's Fridge." All I can say is, I can't believe that this company missed this rather important problem: You can't sell your product if people can't read the billboards correctly, no matter how clever the logo is. Personally, I would think that making the letters in a name look like a fiddle is nowhere near as important as the name itself.

And anyway, if your target audience risks having an accident on the highway while trying to figure out what your sign says, I'd say your marketing campaign is rather counter productive. Hospitalization generally doesn't make for good conversation rates.

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