Thursday, November 29, 2007

My second ride on Panama...and my first experience getting kicked!

I rode Panama again today. We did a little steering with the reins today, and moved up to a trot. As promised, my trainer took a few pictures. Here's one:

Panama was quite frisky and affectionate when I arrived. When I turned him out into the arena so that he could run and get rid of his energy, he was acting pretty goofy, running and bucking a lot. I'm pretty sure he's been playing with me lately, just as if I were another horse, and today proves it: He kicked me a little (I'm assuming accidentally) when he bucked.

Honestly, I don't think he did it on purpose. When I chase him in the arena, he will often buck as he runs away. I just happened to be a little closer than usual this time. I saw it coming and turned away, so one of this feet just barely caught me on the butt. It wasn't a hard kick at all, which makes me think he just misjudged how close I was.

After being ridden for an hour, Panama was not nearly so frisky, but since the other Paint's owner was there, we put our horses in the arena together. This time I didn't get pictures, more's the pity, because she put her other horse out with them as well. All three of them ran around the arena together, usually with Panama in the lead, and sometimes in a perfect line — as though they were playing follow-the-leader.

Mornings like this make it really difficult to work afterward — especially when I don't get home from the stables until 2:00 pm!

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