Online Marketing

According to the US Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce, more than 14 percent of all retail sales occur online, and that's not counting the millions of business searches that start online.  With so much happening online, it's more important than ever for your business to have a strong online presence.  In a rapidly changing online environment, I offer more than 17 years of experience in producing online content, plus familiarity with web content trends.

  • Blogging for business
    Blogging helps you to keep your website fresh, relevant, and at the top of the search engine's lists.  I'll research, write, and consult with you to keep your blog updated with a regular stream of blog posts on a variety of interesting topics.  Alternatively, if a one-off blog post is all you need, I can do that too!
  • Website copy
    In today's virtual world, your business website is as important as a physical storefront.  Investing time and money into designing your website is a no-brainer, but strong copy is necessary to complete the sense of professionalism.  I specialize in attention-grabbing, easily skimmable copy.
  • Newsletters
    Formerly a print marketing tactic, newsletters provide a low-cost way to keep the lines of communication open with prospective customers.  In addition to crafting announcements about company news, I'll help you maintain a steady flow of interesting content to keep your subscribers coming back for more. 
  • SEO/keyword content
    Keyword stuffing is no longer recommended as a way to drive web searches, but keyword phrases are still used to identify useful content.  To achieve this delicate balance, I'll identify important keywords and weave them into well-written copy for your website or blog.
  • Press releases
    Have a newsworthy item you'd like to announce?  Issuing a press release notifies the news outlets and supplies them with information and quotes to get their article started.

Writer for Hire

Need something a little different?  Internet copywriting has been my main focus in my career, but one of my greatest strengths is writing in whatever style and tone is needed for the occasion.  As a flexible writer with a varied portfolio of experience, I offer these other writing services.
  • News
    I write news articles for any audience, with a special focus in community and local interest pieces.
  • Features
    For more in-depth stories about people, places, and things, I write feature-length articles for magazines, e-zines, and other publications.
  • Ghostwriting
    Do you have a great idea, but a lack of time or expertise to fulfill your vision?  I provide ghostwriting services on a work-for-hire basis.
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