Thursday, November 01, 2007

A play date for Panama

My morning was hijacked by an impromptu play date for Panama.

There is another Paint at our barn that looks very much like Panama. Lakota is about a year older, and has a similar history as Panama: rescued as a baby, trust issues with his feet due to repeated leg injuries, a little bit of wildness due to a late gelding, and in need of training.

Although Lakota is supposedly quite wild, I have always felt that he and Panama got along well. Lakota's run is on the edge of the pasture where I always let Panama graze, and early on they visited with each other a lot. However, Lakota's owner usually doesn't let him out with other horses, because he has a tendency to show off and get hurt.

This morning when I arrived at the stables, she just happened to be there. We both spent all morning at the barn, so when she put Lakota in the arena, she asked if I wanted to put Panama in there with him. It went great! The horses greeted each other, with Panama signalling his subordinance by licking and chewing. Then they both went right back to grazing.

In fact, they were so comfortable around each other that we had to break out a lunge whip and chase them a bit to get them to run together. Once we got them moving, though, I got a number of really good pictures.

Don't they look almost like brothers? (Panama is the one with more white on his face.)

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