Monday, March 18, 2013

Goals check for the week of March 11

I can't believe in another couple of weeks we'll have reached the end of the first quarter of 2013.  It's a bit of a reminder to keep going on my goals, because with a quarter of the year gone, what do I have to show for it?  I've done passably well at achieving my daily and weekly goals -- riding the horses and working on my novel -- not as well as I would have liked, mind you, but well enough to maintain forward progress.  But what about my longer term goals for the year: my blogs, my other writing projects, my reading list?  I've made virtually no progress there, except for finally starting Les Miserables.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Goals check for the week of March 4

Last week will be a fun week to blog about!  Lots of developments.  For one thing, I found out that there is a Camp NaNoWriMo session in April this year, which motivated me to finish the novel I was currently working on and do the revisions (finally) on the first novel -- I want to be ready to start a new project on April 1st!  I also had a good week with the horses, even though I didn't entirely meet my goals for the week.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Goals check for the week of February 25

Last week is a bit of a blur in my mind -- what with worrying about Panama's back and several other responsibilities, I didn't move forward much on either working on my novel, or riding Rondo more often as I had planned.  I am, however, plugging along on Les Miz.


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