Sunday, November 04, 2007

How I actually spent my extra hour

Yesterday, I blogged about what I would write with an extra hour each day — a meme inspired by Daylight Savings Time.

Then clocks rolled back, giving us our extra hour. Mine was not spent on writing. Instead, it was diddled away rescuing Michael, and making not one but two trips to the stables as a result.

Michael went on a bike ride this afternoon, since the weather was so perfect: a slightly breezy day with temperatures in the low 70s. I was planning on celebrating the warm weather my own way: by bathing Panama.

Unfortunately, Michael got two flats while on his bike ride. When he got the first, he happened to be near a sports store, so he had them fix his tire. I ended up having to rescue him after all, though, when he got a second flat shortly after leaving the store.

I was at the stables already when I got the call, so I had to put Panama back in his stall and leave without having done anything with him yet. After rescuing Michael, he came with me back up to the stables. During the second visit, I did my usual routine: turning Panama out into the pasture to graze while I cleaned his stall, grooming him and picking out his feet, and turning him out into the arena to get him to run around a bit.

Although it was getting late at this point, and I had used up my extra hour (and then some!), I decided to go ahead and bathe Panama after all.

Due to my bungled afternoon and some pre-existing evening plans, I didn't get the work done this weekend that I had planned. Tomorrow I will need to do some serious catching up!


Amy said...

Two flat tires sounds pretty scary. I'm glad he wasn't hurt.

I love the pictures of Panama. I actually saw a photo in some women's magazine of the world's smallest horse - 17 inches tall - that made me think of you. Apparently he's scared of other horses and sleeps with the owner's dogs instead. :-)

Katharine Swan said...


Thanks for the comment. I think I know the horse you are talking about -- didn't his owner take him to visit sick kids in the hospital or something?

It looks like comments are not showing up on the posts like they should, by the way. Hopefully that will fix itself eventually. Blogger problems sometimes do that, I've noticed. ;o)


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