Saturday, November 03, 2007

My first affiliate program payment

About a week ago, I received my first affiliate program payment: a gift certificate from Amazon.com, which I've earned through referral sales on this blog and Livre du Jour.

Oddly enough, Amazon.com carries lots of horse stuff, from brushes and treats to clothing and accessories, so I put my gift certificate toward a brand-new winter blanket for Panama. I'm not going to be too overeager about the blanketing, because I want him to grow a decent winter coat (the more you blanket them, the thinner their coat). However, I do want to blanket him when it gets bitterly cold, such as below 20 or 25 degrees.

I also got a pair of cheap riding gloves for me — I'm a big baby about the cold, and I won't be able to stand my hands getting chilled when I work with him in the winter!

There's lots of other horse goodies on Amazon.com, so I'm sure I'll be back before too long. I swear, I have more fun shopping for Panama than I do shopping for myself!

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