Wednesday, June 27, 2007

GoFreelance.com: Still a scam?

Please see the bottom of this post for an update.

Quite recently, I blogged about an email I received from Rob Palmer, the president of GoFreelance.com (formerly Freelance Work Exchange or FreelanceWorkExchange.com). He wanted to discuss posts that I have previously published on my blog in regards to writers' complaints about his company. The complaints primarily concern signing up for the trial membership and then not being able to log in and/or cancel.

Rather than debate the situation with him (no point — I'm not going to take anything down off my blog, as I think the complaints deserve their fair share of air time) I asked if I could publish his email address: One of the most common complaints about FWE was that members could never get a hold of anyone in order to resolve their complaints. Rob agreed to let me post his email address, so I added it as an update at the bottom of this post. If you have a complaint about GoFreelance.com, email Rob Palmer at the email address I posted, and let me know what happens!

This afternoon, though, I was playing around on Google (yes, I do that when I'm procrastinating), and I randomly decided to search for GoFreelance.com. Searching for "Freelance Work Exchange" brings up a myriad of complaints, which is I'm sure why the name was changed; I was wondering if any of the complaints had caught up with the elusive Rob Palmer yet.

Given Mr. Palmer's seeming concern to clear his company's name, I was shocked to find this: a rip-off report on GoFreelance.com, filed only a week ago. This is exactly the same kind of thing that was happening last summer with Freelance Work Exchange. Obviously Rob has not learned his lesson, not at all.

I'm leaving my post with his email up so that people can try to contact Mr. Palmer with any complaints, but let it be known that I've rescinded my original good-natured skepticism. I'm now back to thinking GoFreelance.com is nothing but a low-down, dirty scam. I hope everyone will take note of all the complaints online, and stay far, far away from Rob Palmer and his membership job board, regardless of what he calls it next.

Update — September 25, 2007:

This morning I received an email notifying me of some problems with ripoffreport.com, the source of the report I linked to above. I will quote from the email:

I am writing to warn you about ripoffreport.com - the guy who runs it apparently writes some of the complaints, and contacts the companies to extort money from them (so that they can get their company names off ripoffreport.com). He (Ed - I don't remember his last name) is a long-time criminal, and has been indicted by the FBI on rackateering charges for what he is doing with ripoffreport.com. Last I read, he is on the lam, and nowhere to be found.

Despite the gravity of these accusations, I am leaving the link for the simple reason that all of the report's claims have been made by other writers, too. Even if Ed did write this report, the fact of the matter is that I regularly hear the same complaints regarding GoFreelance.com.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your timely update -- I was just considering a position posted on the local Craigslist and thought twice about the autoreply that redirected to the signup page for GoFreelance.com. At the moment, I have the "opportunity" to pursue freelance gigs so I greatly appreciate any assistance in weeding out the potential riffraff. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Katharine, my darling, you are a guardian angel for writers everywhere...Keep up the darn good work!

Katharine Swan said...

Ron --

I'm glad my post was helpful.

Ralph --

Awwww, shucks. ;o) But, seriously, thank you for the generaous compliment!

snmailpapun said...

Thanks for this helpful content, keep up the good work ...can you please provide us a good legit company who really paying..... waiting for your opinion and yes if it possible please send me a mail on snmailpapun@gmail.com. THANKS

Katharine Swan said...


Actually, as a freelance writer, you would work for many companies or clients. GoFreelance, Freelance Work Exchange, and Freelance Home Writers are not companies that hire you -- they provide leads to companies who are looking for writers.

However, you don't have to pay for these leads -- you can get them for free elsewhere. One of my favorite sites for leads is www.freelancewritinggigs.com.

Anonymous said...

Thank you kathrine for saving my money.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that I decided to check out GoFreelance before I signed up. Your blog was helpful. There are so many scams out there.

Katharine Swan said...


You are very welcome!


I'm glad you did too. For every person who does the research, heaven only knows how many people get sucked in. I'm glad my blog helps the people who do look it up first, though!

nana said...

Thanks very much for the updates. I nearly signed up with the site considering that I am out of any leads at the moment.

Definitely will look up to your suggested site.


Smiles121 said...

Well done Katherine. People like you are the reason it pays to do your homework.

Thanks very much.


annmgt said...

i got ripped off by gofreelance.com to the tune of $150. It took me 3 months to figure out that there was no way to unsubscribe - despite receiving "successfully unsubscribed" emails each time they hit me for another $50. Finally had to have my bank freeze my paypal account for another $25. Complete scam. Stay away.

Katharine Swan said...

Thanks annmgt. It's always helpful to have another person's story on here. I get tons of comments and emails about GoFreelance.com, Freelance Work Exchange, and Rob Palmer. An HONEST service or person would not have so many complaints again them!

Anonymous said...

I was about to sign up but thought i better check if this gofreelance.com was scam.. so greatfull i did.. but i need the money and cant find a legitimate websit but thanx katherine for the lead =)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you for this post. Like alot of people, I'm currently unemployed and while looking for a job back in my field, I was hoping to do some work from home. If anyone knows a legitimate way to do that please update me. Again thanks for these posts and I could have easily spent money I already don't have..........

Sergio said...

Do you need anymore proof than this:

Freelance Work Exchange
45 Main Street
Ste. 309 #178, Brooklyn,
New York,

ABN: 48 099 129 423

Ph: 44 02032868746

If they are located in NY, why would the phone number start with
44 is the country code for the UK!!
Clear give away that it's a scam!

I was tempted to give this a site until I researched it. I feel sorry for people who fall into these traps! DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE SPENDING A BUCK. and the "If it's too good to be true it probably is" saying is pretty much on point!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I decided to do some research on GoFreelance.com...I was just about to sign up.....thanks for saving me my money!!! :0))

Can anyone suggest a legit site where I may find some freelance work?? Thanks for your time!!

Anonymous said...

I subscribed to his 7-days trial offer which cost me $7 and I deeply regretted to join this another scam operations. I was very upset because everyday I was bombarded by his email sending me every single day same emails to join his 7-days trial offer but they never posted a new jobs. I immediately canceled my subscription after I googled their website. I cannot trust home-based jobs again. Is there any legal and genuine company in the net?

paimuse said...

thanks.. I was about to register. decided to google it and I found your blog. Thanks a ton.

Anonymous said...

Swan,thank's a lot..i decide to sign up for Gofreelance but luckily found your post..

Anonymous said...

I can only add my thanks to the others'. Be well.

shilnil said...

Thank you so much. I have already registered for the 7-day trial period and paid $7. However, there is no further intimation from their side regarding job offers. I'll immediately freeze my paypal account. Thanx a ton.

Katharine Swan said...

Just had to stop in to thank everyone for their comments, say I'm sorry for not getting to them sooner, and say I'm glad my blog continues to help people stay away from this subscription service!

Anonymous said...

Do you know of an legit work at home companies I can try? I have a collapsing lung condition, that limits my ability to do things from time to time each month. So, I need to find legit, work at home income. Something, that's steady and doesn't require any or much upfront money.

Please adivse, if you can. I would really appreciate it.

Zsoltar said...

Thank you as well. I seem to be getting caught up to every scam out there, but at least I am researching first. Thanks!

teeNtheA said...

Many many thanx!

Anonymous said...

I was getting the emails for a while now, it seems they try to wear you down. I was thinking of signing up but after reading an article in Women's World magazine they told us to do research of the company name with the word scam attached to it. It helps a lot to see if there is a lot of complaints of the company, any legit company wont have tons of complaints attatched to the name.

Lacy Ripley said...

I have to chime in a "thank you" also!! Just starting to research freelance writing and my husband asked me to check out gofreelance.com...I'm glad I googled it instead of just typing it in the browser!! I'm really thankful for you right now...and thanks for the good recommendation for freelancewritinggigs. Praying a special little blessing for you right now!
Lacy Ripley


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