Monday, February 26, 2024

Weekly Goals, Week 9: Winding Down

My mom's time here is winding down.  Assuming she is able to drive (we're going to practice first) she'll go home on Sunday.  She's definitely pretty independent now, and is walking without the cane as well as doing most things for herself.

If I thought I would have more time to myself as she became more independent, I was wrong.  Now, instead of taking care of her as much as I was, I'm driving her to appointments and entertaining her.  It's partly that she has more things to schedule now, and partly that she doesn't want to sit around doing nothing all day.  So we've been pretty busy lately, and have a fairly busy week ahead of us.

Her birthday is also Wednesday, so we'll probably celebrate a little then, and we have plans for afternoon tea on Saturday.

Part of me is really sad at the thought of my mom going back home.  She feels like she belongs here with us, and I like doing things with her, including her in our outings and our schedules and our meal plans.

On the other hand, it's difficult to get anything done unless it's something I can involve her in.  So we've gone through some family things and I plan to enlist her help in prepping for the doll show this week, but we're a little limited on what she can help with.  She's independent but not quite fully functional yet.

So in some ways, I'm also looking forward to her going home.  I have a lot to do before the doll show, and I will likely need to work on it almost every day after she leaves.

This week's goals will look much like last week's goals, but I'm hoping to have more time for it this week.

  1. Work on organizing
  2. Prep for doll show
  3. Survive

Honestly, it's a relief that this chapter is almost over.  Starting next week, though, I'll have to ramp up my preparations for the doll show.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Weekly Goals, Weeks 7 and 8: Hanging in There

Last week was so busy, between my mom's physical therapy and doctor's appointments and just general care, that I never had a chance to blog.  In fact, I'm not altogether sure what I did do all week.  I did manage to get a ride in, but looking back, the week is a blur.

It was, at least, a little better than the previous week, when my mom still needed a lot more help and my dad had a surgery as well.  That was my "just survive" week #2.

I did find a little time last week to work on organization, which was good.  I went through my absurd collection of records (I was buying a lot of old records at one point to find authentic 20s music as research and inspiration for my 20s novel series, Ruby Ransome) and picked out about half to donate.  This gets all of the remaining records into the record cabinet, which frees up additional space in the living room.

Unfortunately, the doll show is looming, and I need to get started prepping for that.  I have five weeks as of right now.  It means I need to get back to work on organizing as soon as possible, so that I can move on to sorting out what needs to be rehabbed, organizing everything, and pricing.

We have another busy week ahead of us, so I'm being conservative here, but these are my goals for the week:

  1. Work on organizing
  2. Start prepping for doll show
  3. Survive
Okay, there's still a fair amount of "just surviving" this week.  We have a whole bunch of appointments for my mom, so I'm not going to have a lot of time around that.  But even if I can do a little bit of organization and prepping this week, it's that much that I have out of the way and won't have to worry about in March once my mom goes back home!

Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Weekly Goals, Week 6: I Will Survive

I said last week that my goal for the week was just to survive it, and the theme continues this week as well.  It might be the theme for next week too.

My mom's surgery last week went well, but recovery is going to take some time.  It's about what I was expecting, but much harder I think than she was expecting.  She had her first physical therapy appointment at her apartment last week though, and they are transferring her up to the Denver area office, since it's quickly become clear that she is NOT going home as soon as she thought.  Physical therapy is three times a week, this week and next.  I expect her to be staying with me until at least the end of next week, if not longer, since she can't drive until at least the beginning of March.

Today my dad has a procedure of his own, so I'm waiting at the hospital for him now, with plans to spend the night at his place tonight since it's a cardiac procedure and he's going under anesthesia.  That leaves my husband to take care of my mom, although I do plan to stop home for a bit this afternoon or evening to help my mom get a shower.

Frustratingly, if physical therapy is going to be at our house, I need to finish some cleanup and organization, but I won't be home to do as much as I'd really like to do.  The next appointment isn't scheduled yet but I'm assuming it'll be tomorrow, which doesn't give me much time.  I still need to clear a path for the walker upstairs to the bathroom, as I'm assuming the therapist will want to work on getting in and out of the shower.  The walker is wider than I thought it would be, so we've had to adjust the width of some of the pathways throughout the house; being an older house, my house has narrower hallways and doorways.

With all this on my plate, my goal for the week is, once again:

  1. Survive

I just have to focus on getting through the next couple weeks, and then things should be much easier for a while.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Weekly Goals, Week 5: Best Laid Plans

Shortly after posting last week, I got sick, and it was a doozy.  I slept most of the day Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I kept thinking just one more day of resting, and I'd be able to get back to work.  Not so.  I finally felt halfway human when I woke up on Monday, but even then, I ran out of steam quickly and had to nap halfway through the day.

So today I'm in a frenzy to not just get my house ready for my mom to recover here, but also to clean and sanitize everything so she doesn't get sick while she's recovering.  Last night we picked up some heavy-duty cleaners, more serious ones than what I'd usually use, and today I'm doing endless amounts of laundry.  I'm just washing everything: the blankets I used in my sick nest on the couch, our bedding, the guest bedding, and all the regular laundry, as it was overdue as well.  Later I'll be scrubbing all surfaces in the bathrooms and kitchen.

So all my planning and hopes and goals are out the window.  I have one goal this week:

  1. Survive
Send help.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Weekly Goals, Week 4: Down to the Wire

Whew!  For a minute there I thought that just like last week, I was going to let the entire week go by again before sitting down to write this post.  It's the problem about being busy with things that keep me away from my computer: Things like blogging don't get done.

This week we're officially down to the wire.  My mom's surgery is next Thursday, a week from tomorrow, which means we have a week to get the house (or at least the parts she needs to be able to access) passable for a walker.  I feel like I'm struggling still to get the doll room cleaned up, so I'm not sure how on track I am at this point.  Thankfully we still have a full weekend coming up, which I should probably use to focus on my mom's spaces (instead of finishing up the doll room).

I've had a busy week so far, but I've been putting work in on the doll room where I can.  Yesterday I worked on a doll tea photo shoot for the museum, for photos that we'll use to promote some upcoming events.  I'll need to put together some marketing images and copy, and I also need to work on a website for a client (hopefully some minor work), but I may or may not get to those this week.  The priority is probably the museum images and copy for the February event, since there's a time crunch on those; everything else can be shifted off until next week.

Despite those small goals, the overall goal of organizing and cleaning up the house stays the same.  Here are my goals for the rest of the week and the weekend:

  1. Work on organization projects
  2. Work on February event marketing

Besides organizing and cleaning up, I included the marketing materials for the February event.  I didn't include the other projects because they're not quite as important; all other client work can wait until next week.  For now I need to focus as much of my energy as possible on getting the house ready for my mom's recovery!

Friday, January 19, 2024

Weekly Goals 2024, Week 3: Holiday Week Blues

Yikes.  Since I'm writing this on Friday instead of at the beginning of the week, I guess this edition is more of a week-in-review than weekly goals.  But I didn't want to skip writing about the week altogether.

Last week was actually pretty productive.  I got a bunch done in my organization project, on top of babysitting and other obligations.  It was a good week.

This week has been a struggle as far as productivity goes.  I don't know if it's because it was a short week due to the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday, or because I feel like I'm coming out of hibernation after the extreme cold of the holiday weekend, or just a "productivity hangover" from how much I'd been getting done before that.  We've been super busy lately, and that does sometimes have the effect of making me into a slug once the pressure lets up a little.

The weekend was tough, partially because we had extreme cold with one day (Monday) not even making it above zero, and the other days over the weekend only marginally better than that.  I thought that while it was cold, I'd be motivated to get stuff done inside, but the opposite seemed to be the case: It made me want to hibernate.  The effect was compounded by the fact that I was dog sitting for the weekend, and we ended up with the dog for an extra night when the family got stuck in the mountains due to the snow and cold.  Their dog can't be left alone, and tends to shadow me at home, which also makes it difficult to get anything done while she's here.

I thought once I dropped the dog off home on Tuesday and the weather warmed up, I'd be able to get stuff done, but I forgot to take into account that my mom was coming over on Tuesday.  She stayed the night and didn't leave until late in the day on Wednesday, so that took out two more days.  Yesterday I felt like I struggled to get anything done, and today has been much the same.

I'm thankful today is Friday.  Today I have some copy I need to write for the museum, and then with the rest of the weekend my main goal is to get back to work on organizing.  I have two weekends left to get the house ready for my mom before her procedure on February 1st, so I need to get moving on that.

Monday, January 08, 2024

Weekly Goals 2024: Week 2

I can't believe it's already the second week of January!  Last week started out with the post-holiday drag getting back into the swing of things, but it ended with absolutely crazy levels of busyness, at least for me.

My only goal for last week was to work on cleanup and organization, and you know what?  I accomplished that!  And actually, I made a lot of progress.  My doll room has been a wreck for a year (okay, probably longer than that, but for a year since I moved it to the bigger room) and I finally started tackling that.  We cleaned and organized pretty much all weekend.  We got a lot done, but there's still a lot left to do.

I'm also trucking along on my social media marketing research project.

This week I decided to focus fully on organization.  I can get started on all other projects (working on my novel, working on client dolls, and now taxes coming up soon, too) once the organization is all finished, but right now we have a time crunch: My mom is having a procedure February 1st, and will need to stay with us for a little while afterward.  That means I need to make sure everything is organized and passable for her while using a walker, which means I have a lot to finish before then.

That being said, I do have a couple other things preventing me from focusing solely on that this week.  I have a scheduled photo shoot with the doll museum tomorrow, a doctor's appointment on Wednesday all the way across town, and babysitting Thursday and Friday.  So my available time will be a little spotty until this weekend.  (I'll also be dog sitting over the weekend, but we should be able to work on organization while the dog is here.)

So like last week, I only have the one goal:

  1. Work on organization projects

This week I hope to finish the doll room and get started on the living room.  The living room is where the sofa bed is for my mom, but in order to put away all the doll stuff scattered about, I need to first finish cleaning up and organizing the doll room.  Then I can do the living room and make room for the walker she'll need after her procedure to get through.

So I'll just keep focusing on this for now, and anything else I can accomplish during the week is just icing on the cake!


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