Thursday, June 28, 2007

The presidency according to Bush: A political rant

I try to keep this blog mostly writing-related, but every once in a while I see something in the news that I just have to comment about. Today that is Bush's flagrant dismissal of our country's justice system: Instead of providing subpeonaed information, Bush is taking advantage of the "executive privilege," which I'm sure was never put into place to allow a president to break the law without consequences.

Apparently, the White House was subpeonaed earlier this month to provide information regarding the firing of several lawyers. There's reason to believe the firings were motivated by "improper political considerations." So Bush is now demonstrating his administration's right not only to ignore the law, but also to ignore the legal repercussions of their actions.

They are making this really ridiculous statement that they aren't going to obey the subpeona, but that they are perfectly willing to provide non-subpeonaed information. There's a catch, though. According to the article in the Washington Post,

The White House has said it would allow current or former White House officials to speak to the committee only under strict limitations. Specifically, Bush has insisted that the officials not be compelled to testify under oath, that their testimony not be recorded or transcribed and they speak to a limited number of lawmakers in private.

In other words, sure you can talk to them, but you can't use anything they tell you.

With this in mind, I wonder how Bush is going to deal with the other subpeona -- the one regarding the investigation into Bush's illegal wiretapping program. Methinks he'll sidestep that one, too. It is so infuriating how he seems to think he is above the law. He is not king or dictator, he is president, answerable to the people who (theoretically) put him there!

Someone please remove Bush from office before he makes an even bigger mess out of this country!!!!

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