Thursday, November 08, 2007

This spammer just doesn't learn...

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about a spam I received offering me writing services. I thought it was pretty funny, as the sender clearly didn't pay attention to the fact that I am a writer.

About a week ago, I received another spam (again sent through my contact form) from the same person. At this point, I'm seriously wondering whether s/he understands English very well, as evidently s/he (who has an Indian name that prevents me from guessing a gender) hasn't noticed what the copy on my website says.

It doesn't help my impression of the person that the grammar is rather awkward:

We are an on-line service provider for all journalism and publishing related activities - original articles, ghost writing, editing, magazine management etc.

Reliability, maintaining confidentiality and strict adherence to delivery dates is sacrosanct to the organization.

Maybe I should pretend to be a client and try to find out what "the organization" charges. I'm guessing $1.50 per 500 words. What's your bet?


Michele said...

This is funny :-)

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, Katharine, I appreciate it.

Writing the Cyber Highway

Amy said...

Maybe they think you'll outsource your work to them?

Seems like they could find a better way to get business than by spamming people (or at least find some new people to spam).

Too funny.

Katharine Swan said...


Thanks for commenting! I liked your blog and will definitely visit again!


That's what Kathy suggested the last time. As much sense as it would make, though, I don't think it's the case. Both emails are written like generic sales pitches.

Honestly, I think they are probably searching the web for some writing-related phrase and "cold emailing" every page on the list. Multiple pages of my site may have shown up, because the second letter contained no indication that they knew they'd already emailed me.

Anonymous said...

I'm receiving the same emails --- so whoever it is --- has linked us somehow, or we applied for the job somewhere...I'm getting SO ANNOYED though.

Katharine Swan said...


Interesting. That supports my theory -- I think they are Googling "freelance writing" or something similar, and sending out sales pitches without really looking at the sites.


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