Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sick days

The last time I posted about being "under the weather," it was because I was having frequent headaches. Being that they seemed to be connected with working (i.e. staring at the computer screen), the headaches were severely affecting my productivity.

Although the headaches cleared up on their own (because I started getting more sleep? or because my eyes grew accustomed to the change in lifestyle?), I am sorry to report that I am once again "under the weather" — this time with the worst cold I've had in several years, at least.

I noticed Friday night that I was starting to experience more congestion than usual. By the time I woke up Saturday morning, the congestion had become worse, and my throat was sore to boot. The symptoms steadily worsened throughout the day, even with medication (which might not have been working very well, as it later turned out to be expired — oops). By evening, I was completely miserable.

Unfortunately, I had plans to babysat yesterday evening, and I didn't have the heart to cancel at the last minute. As it turned out, it didn't matter, because it quickly became clear that those same kids were the ones that gave me the cold when I was last there (Wednesday evening). It's no fun babysitting when you don't feel well, though — and to make matters worse, it was a later night than usual for this family.

This is where I get to point out what a wonderful husband I have. When I arrived home, drippy-nosed and cranky, Michael went out and bought me lotion Kleenex and two kinds of cold medicine. Honestly, without his little rescue operation, I think I would have passed a much more uncomfortable night than I actually did.

I have spent most of today in bed. I slept until noon, got up for a few hours, slept for another hour, and then read for a bit. Getting lots of sleep usually helps me to kick a cold (or whatever I've got), so I'm hoping to be feeling much better by tomorrow morning. Actually, I've almost got to be feeling better — being sick this weekend has caused me to fall behind on two clients' projects, and I missed going to the stables today.

Amy Derby of Write-From-Home.com commented on my headaches post that she can usually work through a cold. Sadly, I am a big baby about being sick. For one thing, I am rather OCD about congestion — I blow my nose constantly, compulsively, until it goes away. (Hence the need for lotion Kleenex.) That kind of activity makes typing difficult. For another... Well, suffice it to say (again) that I am just a baby about being sick. When I am groggy, sniffly, and achey, the last thing I want to be doing is working.

Anyway, it'll all still be there tomorrow.

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