Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Is CMCGROUP Laray Carr's new name?

It sounds like Laray Carr may now be operating under the name CMCGROUP. Please scroll down for an update with more information about CMCGROUP's ads.

I've posted several posts on the Laray Carr potential scam: an initial post describing the issue, a warning that the company's owner was allegedly involved in prior scams, and an announcement that the LCP writers did not get paid.

Since the writers have been fired, I have received several anonymous comments providing me with more information on the Laray Carr situation. According to my anonymous friend, Laray Carr is now posting job ads on elance under the name CMCGROUP. Although I cannot access the ads, not being a member of the site, the commenter says that the ads are seeking web designers, managing editors, and legal counsel. No ads for writers...yet.

Until we have more information on Laray Carr, I think the whole operation is rather suspicious. Therefore, I would like to advise lawyers, web designers, editors, and writers to avoid CMCGROUP until there is definite evidence that they are not a scam! If you do choose to work with them, however, make sure your contract has the company name and information and guarantees that you'll be paid — no ifs, ands, or buts.

Additionally, any further information on CMCGROUP — information provided by those running the ads, names, and/or websites — can be left in the comments below.

Update -- October 2, 2007:

One of CMCGROUP's ads has been reproduced on Writer Beware. Check this out -- Laray Carr (if it is them, which it sounds like it is) is trying to get a pro bono lawyer so they can sue us for discussing their nonpayment! Ha!

Buyer: cmcgroup (44 projects posted, 4 Awarded)
Credit Card confirmed
Provider can contact buyer More info
Budget: Prefer not to disclose

Bids Received: 1 Bids (Average Bid: Sealed)
Posted: 09/27/2007 16:35 EST
Bidding Close: 7 d, 22 h+ (Ends: 10/09/2007 19:22 EST)

Project Details:

Our company is currently seeking a Company Legal Counsel that could do some pro-bono work for our new firm to help us with legal issues that have hurt our company's growth and business dealings. The ideal position would be to advise on legal issues both business, and litigation in defamation cause on unwarranted slander of our company which has cause unforeseen and unwarranted problems. We would ask for you to writer cease and decease letters, be the legal counsel for the company on these matters, and also business contracts, and even filing of law suits if needed. These actions will help the company proceed to it's potential of a $15 - $20 MM firm.

Once you help us with these issues and we resolve the legal issues hurting our company we would sign to a 6 month corporate counsel position with our company in the advise of business practices, and legal protection and other issues. The contract and payment would be discussed at a later time. After the pro-bono period we would offer a 6-month contract at $5000 per month for legal services.

Also, a commenter on Deb's Freelance Writing Jobs posted part of one of CMCGROUP's ads. The following snippet is from the payment terms as described on the ad:

- I will not use a third part escrow system.
- Please do not ask for advance payments or miles stones; please do not ask for some payment after you complete one, two, or three sites. I have been there and done that and was ripped off. Sorry just like bad buyers there are providers who lie about their skills, work, and take peoples money. I lose money you loose work. I rather have my $2000 in my hand.
- You must meet the first deadline. At that deadline all sources files must be delivered on time. You must meet the second deadline at that point all sources files must be delivered. I will require our people to test your work before payment and we will ask you to fix any problems before we pay out.
- You will be paid in full through Pay Pal, or Bank Transfer. No Western Union or Money Gram.
- Must provide samples of your work and do a mock up to show design quality.

The typos are characteristic of Laray Carr/LCP correspondence, as are the short deadline and the flat refusal to work with contractors for more favorable terms. (You may remember that one or two writers reported that when they questioned the lack of company information on LCP's contracts, they were immediately threatened with removal from the list of writers.)

I searched for the ad and found it on Scriptlance.com as well. The ad is posted there under the username liveweb. My advice is to steer clear of liveweb, CMCGROUP, Laray Carr, and anyone else who shows this little respect for contractors.

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