Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Beware: Quincy Carr, Laray Carr, LCP, CMCGROUP, liveweb

Stephanie Todd, to whom I wrote an apology the other day, just had Deb post a letter on her blog. Stephanie, Hope Hunt, and Shadra Bruce -- all contractors hired by Laray Carr (a.k.a. LCP) -- have dug up some interesting information. The gist is that it seems even more likely now that LCP is Quincy Carr's attempt to scam investors.

It also seems there is another theory, that Quincy Carr is also a stolen identity. Although I admit that is possible, I also wonder how that would explain the previous scam Quincy Carr has been accused of, and the fact that Thelma Smith's name and address is connected to Quincy in both instances.

At any rate, Stephanie has provided contact information and a form letter those who want to report Laray Carr to the authorities. I hope everyone who has been screwed over by this company does so. The more voices speak out against Laray Carr, the better.

Also, as I noted in an earlier post, Laray Carr appears to be posting further ads under a new name, CMCGROUP, and in some cases the username liveweb. It appears the "company" is simply starting all over again. It amazes me that not only did they underestimate our ability to figure it out -- they also are grossly underestimating our ability to do something about it now that we have!

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Anonymous said...

this is the first time something big about this LCP thing came up while I'm awake. Last time, I went to sleep and when I went online, I was faced with a deluge of comments. Just imagine have to read 100000000000+ comments. Needless to say, I gave up.

Anyways, Katharine, I think you might be interested in one comment on V's blog. A writer is claiming that she's/he's found the edited verion of an article she/he wrote on the Internet credited to another author. So it begins...


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