Friday, October 05, 2007

Panama's first bath

Panama had his first bath yesterday. Considering that he had come to associate getting a bath with having his leg wound cleaned, he tolerated it extraordinarily well.

Of course, being there alone I couldn't take pictures of the actual bath process, but I wish I could have gotten pictures of the bewildered look on his face.

As I said, though, he tolerated it pretty well. I was able to wash his body and neck on both sides, a little bit of both front legs, and touch the sponge a few times to his injured leg. (Speaking of which, he also let me touch his wound the other day, which is now healing up quite nicely.)

I did get some pictures of Panama after giving him the bath and drying him off somewhat. I turned him loose in the pasture, and guess what? He went right back to grazing, just like nothing had even happened!

I like this picture because it shows his tail flying. He was in the middle of flicking it around, probably to get rid of some pesky flies. Also, you can see how smoothly his mane lies with the conditioner in it.

This picture shows how his mane continues his coloring. I really like how his mane changes to white at the exact place his body does. When his mane is combed and his head is down like this, it creates a lovely seamless transition from body to mane.

Let me tell you something about owning a horse. They eat a lot. So as a result, I have a gazillion pictures of Panama grazing, and very few of him doing anything else. And the times when I got his picture when he wasn't grazing, he was making it quite clear that he rather would be.

At any rate, I'm going to have Michael start taking more pictures of me and Panama on the weekends, so that with any luck I can get a few nice pictures with my beautiful boy.

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