Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Recourse for Laray Carr writers

If you wrote, edited, or did any other work for Laray Carr (a.k.a. LCP) and did not get paid, you may find this article helpful:

More Than One Way to Expose a Deadbeat by Angela Hoy

In this article, Angela Hoy expands on the options available to you if you are unable to collect payment. As Angela says, "There are ways to make a publisher pay, if not in money, in embarrassment."

Unfortunately for the contractors who worked with Laray Carr, the likelihood of ever seeing a penny of what is owed you is most likely nil. Embarrassment may be the only option you have left.

I encourage all of the LCP writers and contractors to take the following steps outlined by Angela in her article...and then send her the URLs, as she requests! Once those URLs appear on WritersWeekly.com, practically the entire writing community will know about Laray Carr, Quincy Carr, and its crimes.

To repeat warnings found on other sites, Laray Carr is continuing to hire (and, apparently, not pay) under different company names. Be wary of working for companies under any of the following names:

* Laray Carr
* Quincy Carr
* CMCGroup or CMC Group
* Bobby Carlson
* liveweb
* Duemark
* MNT Management
* NathanNetMan

Unfortunately, the "mastermind" behind this company (most likely Quincy Carr) is a chameleon and adept at changing names as quickly as we can catch up. However, he can easily be identified by the typos and grammatical errors in his ads, and his hard-line refusal to use Escrow, make payments throughout the course of a large project, or make any other good-will or confidence-inspiring concessions.

If you have been denied payment by Laray Carr or someone you think might be Laray Carr in disguise, I hope you will take Angela's advice: Post your complaints on the many various sites she suggests, and email her with the URLs. With someone like Quincy Carr, you need more Internet coverage than you can get with your blogs alone!

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