Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day 3 of the Muse Online Writers Conference

Yesterday, Wednesday, was day 3 of the Muse Online Writers Conference. (You can see my reflections on Monday and Tuesday here.) I had two chats yesterday: Protecting Yourself and Your Work by K.L. Nappier, and Book Marketing for Shy and Frugal Authors by Shel Horowitz.

From the corresponding forum for Protecting Yourself and Your work, I have decided that my knowledge of copyright regulations actually puts me ahead of most of the topics covered in the workshop. The chat wasn't much different, I am afraid. However, perhaps the workshop will provide some newer information as the week progresses.

The book marketing chat was terrific. Horowitz is clearly very knowledgeable on the subject. I intend to check a couple of his books out from my best friend the library. One of his books, which my library doesn't have, I may end up buying.

Also yesterday, I visited almost all of my week-long workshops. Some of them are turning out to be quite good. I am particularly pleased with Wynette Hoffman's How to Publish Your Novel Your Way. It's pretty much the entire rundown on self-publishing — very informative and helpful.

Update 10/20/2007 -- After a note from Kathy Nappier, I feel I may have given the wrong impression regarding her workshop. My complaint was not that the workshop was inadequate -- quite the contrary, actually, as most of the participants really did need the basic information she provided. I think that with my freelancing experience and the research I have already done on copyright information, I was simply the odd one out in that workshop. However, I'm not sorry I signed up, as I enjoyed "meeting" Ms. Nappier and the other participants!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Katherine.

You hit the nail on the head when it comes to me dropping the copyright ball during my workshop "Protecting Yourself and Your Work." When the workshop was done and I could take my fingers from the keyboard, the first thing I did was slap my forehead.

I spent a lot of time researching how to find out if the people a writer contacts in the profession are legit, as well as listing reliable watch dog groups and helpful sites. But to not even consider re-acquainting myself with copyright laws! Aiee!

I've been too many years away from that concern and wasn't prepared for copyright to dominate the chat. That was clearly my bad, and your input and expertise was a real boon to the discussion.

Best Regards,


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