Monday, October 08, 2007

The Muse Online Writers Conference begins!

For those of you who are signed up, today is the first day of the Muse Online Writers Conference. If you're not signed up, never fear -- there is already one planned for next year.

I had originally thought I would clear my work schedule at least a little for this week-long event, but as it turned out I neglected to do so. In some cases, it was because I didn't want to ask the clients, but for the most part it was because I do, sadly, still need this week's income from my regular jobs. On the bright side, I didn't accept any additional work, but I do expect to be quite busy this week.

The first day of the conference is almost halfway over. This is everything I have done so far:

* Registered for the forums and chat lounge
* Read through a few of the presenters' handouts
* Visited a few of my week-long workshops on the forum
* Attended my first real-time chat

Today and tomorrow are my "light" days this week: I only have one real-time chat scheduled each day. Today, however, I will need to finish reading the handouts and start participating in the week-long workshops. My goal is to finish my work for the day in the next couple of hours, so that I can spend some time on the conference forum.

If you are participating in the online conference, how is (or was) your first day?


Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

Well, you already know that I wasn't thrilled with my first chat session. The week-long forums, however, look much more participant-friendly and -focused. I'll give you a better review as I get further into the week.

Anonymous said...

Katharine, mine BOMBED!


Check it out.

Katharine Swan said...

Kathy --

Yeah, I think we both feel the same about that chat. From what I've seen of the week-long workshops so far, though, I have high hopes for the rest of the conference.

Mariella --

I'm sorry to hear you had a rough first day, too. I'm going to post in detail about my first day a little later, so stay tuned!


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