Thursday, February 09, 2006

Warnings about article mills

In this week's ezine, Angela Hoy of Writer's Weekly published another article on low-paying article mills. (The ezine had run an article on the same topic in late December.) This article talks about how it shouldn't be a surprise when this low-paying article mills with zero respect for their writers change their contracts - in this case, actually charging writers to continue to write for them. Read the WAHM.com thread about the company in question, ArticlesandContent.com: this company claims that they're weeding out the bad writers by ensuring their writers are dedicated enough to pay a monthly fee for the privelege of writing for them - but is that really what they're doing? Seems to me that they're more likely to weed out the good writers, who would of course know that they can find better opportunities elsewhere. In any case, the company sounds horribly unprofessional and uncivilized toward those writers who have pointed out that they don't need to pay to find work.

I see these kinds of writing gigs constantly - employers who want you to write long, involved, and well-researched articles for under five dollars. What's more, they want you to devote your time entirely to producing their content for them...which would generate an income of, what, $10 or $15 a day? Do they think all writers come from third-world countries, that we would just all jump at the opportunity, or do they actually think we want to take their job for a little "fun" writing on the side?

Well, that's my (short) rant for today. I have a couple of long days ahead of me, so right now I need my sleep. :o)

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