Saturday, February 18, 2006

Following up

I've heard it before: writers often have to follow up on their queries. I've been told stories of other writers having to remind editors once or twice before they get any sort of response. I suppose it's only natural, considering the enormous amount of queries and submissions editors must receive. Mine is only a needle in their haystack, so to speak.

As my readers may remember, I sent off a number of queries about a month ago. Many of them claimed they would respond within two to four weeks...yet most of the responses I've received have not been from those select few. I've been putting off the task of following up, but I finally decided it was time. I prepared eight follow-ups tonight, and I will send six of them off in tomorrow's mail. (Two are to publications located in Canada, so I'm giving them another week to account for the mail delay.)

That was my task for today, pitiful as it is. But hey, I generally work over the weekend, too, so can you blame me? This weekend - or at least sometime in the very near future - I have two articles to write/finish. And then next week I have another couple of assignments to tackle. Freelancing keeps me busy, that's for sure!

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