Saturday, February 04, 2006

Business cards

A little while back, I'd made up a bunch of cheesy business cards using Microsoft Visio and printing them on cardstock. Today, inspired by a Writer's Weekly forum thread on business cards for writers, I decided to redesign my business cards. This is what I came up with:

A co-worker from my last job, a talented graphic artist by the name of Eve Park, made the swan logo for me. I just used Photoshop to superimpose the text over it. Much better than the old ones, I think - which, unfortunately, aren't in JPG format, so I can't show you as a comparison.

At any rate, in order to make them look a bit more professional, I will find a better paper to print them on; I'm also going to get some kind of paper cutter or trimmer to clean up the cutting edges a little. I'll use either a really heavy duty cover stock or a heavy duty photo paper; the only trick with the photo paper is that apparently you have to use some kind of sealant so that the ink doesn't smear in somebody's pocket. I'll probably try the cover stock first, and if it doesn't seem professional enough I'll switch to photo paper.

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