Sunday, February 12, 2006

My new toy...I mean tool

With a gift card for Wal-Mart, I recently bought a terrific new toy...I mean, tool for my freelancing. :o)

I wanted a digital voice recorder for recording interviews, so that I could type up my notes and pull quotes later on. However, it is very important to me that my voice recorder have the capability of transferring files to my laptop, and not very many voice recorders can do that. I found my solution in the form of an MP3 player by Creative. It's my voice recorder with a USB interface - and, as a bonus, I can also put music on it! :o)

I doubt I'll use the music option very often, but it's still nice to have it there. In any case, the MP3 player is even nicer than most voice recorders, because it is so small and discreet... i.e., I can easily record a conversation without the other person even knowing it. That would have come in handy several times over the past year...

I'm really excited about my new toy, and I'm hoping I'll have an opportunity soon to use it!

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