Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Staple-less and proud!

Yesterday Michael had his 10-day (well, 11-day, to be precise) checkup with the doctor who performed his microdiscectomy. While he was there, the nurse took out his staples. She used a little tool that wasn't a staple remover, but rather similar... Michael said it hurt, as I can only imagine. However, he really has healed up rather fast - faster than you would think, considering that surgery was performed through this incision less than two weeks ago.

Michael has also been able to back off on his Percocet doses, which is a sign that it's probably healing just as quickly inside as well. He still is not allowed to twist or bend, and he's supposed to change position - between sitting, standing, and lying down - about every twenty minutes, but he is definitely more mobile than he was a week ago.

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