Saturday, February 11, 2006

Michael's homecoming -- PICTURES!

Michael came home today around 3:00. So far everything is going well - he needs help getting dressed or undressed, and doing things such as lying down, since he can't bend or twist, and if he's sitting his back and legs need to be at exactly 90 degrees. It may be like this for four to six weeks, so he might be home for longer than we thought - and I may as well.

I used Michael's camera phone to take some pictures of him in the hospital. Here he is all dressed up for his surgery:

After the surgery (all drugged up):

As he became more alert, Michael had to go to the bathroom more and more. However, at first he was having a really hard time going - he couldn't do it lying down with the urinal, like they wanted, and it took so much work to get him standing that he often couldn't relax enough to go. By evening he was finally able to go easily - and did he ever go! I didn't know the human bladder could hold this much!!!

And this is the picture of himself that Michael texted me with to wake me up this morning:

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