Friday, February 03, 2006

Good news

In other news, I took a gig adding content to Judy's Book in the form of mini-reviews about Denver businesses. The deadline was last night, and the company already sent an e-check to my paypal address! I love clients who pay promptly, as it means less worrying about whether they're going to try to screw you.

At any rate, you can look at my reviews by going to Judy's Book, registering (it's free), and looking for "Katharine Swan" under members. Right now I'm one of the most active members in Denver, so I'm near the top of the list. I'm debating on whether to add this link to my portfolio; it seems like it would be a nuisance to prospective employers, as they'd have to register in order to see my reviews, and in any case the reviews aren't anything special... They were more for generating income than for providing clips.

What do you think? Should I add Judy's Book to my portfolio, or should I leave it off?

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Anonymous said...

Yes - I say add it to your portfolio! I can't imagine it doing any harm, but it could be helpful.


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