Sunday, February 12, 2006

More on our idiot VP

Check out this CNN video on Cheney's hunting accident.

The anchors can hardly keep from laughing - they keep stumbling over their words!

It's also amusing that while the anchors are speaking, the visual is a loop of images of Cheney in office...at press conferences, with the troops, etc. It's probably at the behest of the VP himself. Of course, with a headline like this, he probably does need to remind the general public that he is the VP and therefore above such mistakes.

The accompanying article also mentions that the hunters were all wearing orange jackets... So how did Cheney not see the guy?!

For another source of apt commentary, read this AlterNet blog posting on the incident.

Let this incident be a reminder that no matter how much of an advocate for firearms a person is, gun accidents can still happen!!!

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