Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Attention Craigslist users!

Did anyone see this headline?

Craigslist faces off against eBay

I knew that eBay was part-owner of Craigslist (according to this article, 28 percent). What I didn't know was that it was against Craigslist's wishes: A former Craigslist employee had sold the stocks to eBay.

Now eBay is apparently trying to strong-arm Craigslist. They are complaining that Craigslist is "trying to dilute its [eBay's] stake to reduce its potential influence over the company's board."

Knowing how eBay operates, I don't blame Craigslist one bit. Craigslist strives to create community and provide services for free, while eBay (who also owns PayPal) has the ultimate goal of raping users for every penny they possibly can.

Despite the problems with low-paying and non-paying writing gigs, I have found many of my best gigs — and longtime clients — on Craigslist. I hope they can continue to hold out against eBay!


Anonymous said...

Wow -- I wonder if there's a way to get the stock back.

Too bad they didn't have a clause in the stock agreement saying the stock couldn't be sold to a company.

Lori said...

We should start buying stock in an attempt to save Craigslist from eBay. If only it would work...

Harmony said...

I hadn't heard this. An interesting story to follow. I too use Craigslist for some of my gigs and to buy used baby stuff.

Katharine Swan said...


It doesn't sound like eBay has any intention of giving it up. And I'll be Craigslist has a clause like that now!


I don't know the first thing about buying or owning stock. Do you know how we could even find out if there is stock for sale?


Check out Freecycle.org -- see if they have it in Canada, at any rate. I see people giving away baby and kid stuff on there all the time.


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