Friday, May 30, 2008


I am so glad it's Friday... and yet, at the same time, so disappointed.

I mentioned in a previous post that my brother-in-law and his family relocated to Denver over Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately, the craziness didn't end there. Here are a few of the highlights of my week, much of which has to do with the in-laws:

* Tuesday night Michael and I drove down to his brother's new place to help them finish unloading the truck. I ended up spending most of the evening chasing around my two small nephews instead. I was doing a lot of running after them and scooping them up before they made it out the door, and as a result my thighs were so painfully sore the next day that I could barely squat or walk down stairs.

* Wednesday morning I drove down there again after dropping Michael off at work, and helped my sister-in-law return the Uhaul truck. Of course, that entire ordeal took fully two hours longer than I had planned, which meant that I didn't have enough time to get any work done before Panama's training appointment — after which I had to go immediately to pick Michael up from work.

* Stressed out from not getting enough work done Wednesday, I stayed up until 4:00 am to get some stuff done. This was actually the most productive time I've spent all week, but I'm now a little sleep deprived as a result.

* Thursday I was supposed to have all day to work, but in the afternoon the owner of the barn where Panama is stabled called me with some concerning news: Panama appeared to have a mild case of colic. He's okay now, but I didn't get much work done Thursday either because I spent so much time at the barn with Panama.

* Today I took Michael to work so that I could borrow the car to go to Panama's farrier appointment. Unfortunately, an issue with my in-laws required that I move my appointment up, pick Michael up early in the afternoon, and then tag along while Michael helped his brother take care of the issue. Thus, another workday hijacked...

I still have a ton of work that I should be doing tonight or tomorrow, but nevertheless I am glad it is Friday. Hopefully we can find a happy medium with the in-laws in the coming weeks. I really like them, but I still need to be able to get my work done each day!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Panama's okay. Colic's always scary.

I wouldn't be half so nice or diplomatic as you are with the in-laws. My work time is my work time. Period. Unless it's life or death, it has to wait until I've met my deadlines.

Katharine Swan said...


Thanks, I'm glad he's okay too. I wasn't there when he was acting the most colicky, but I think it was almost scarier NOT being there.

I probably ought to be more like you when it comes to the in-laws! I just know that they don't have anyone other than us to help them out, and having just moved in they had several things they really did need help with. Once they get settled, though, I plan to lay down the law!


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