Saturday, May 17, 2008

A new laptop for writers

I hadn't heard of them until today, but apparently Asus makes a line of super-small laptops called Eee. The Asus Eee 900 just recently came out, introducing some major upgrades. (Click here for a well-written, informative review of the Asus Eee 900.)

It sounds like the Asus Eee 900 is the perfect solution for freelance writers who want a laptop for writing on the go, but don't want it as their main computer. With its limitations — only 12-20 GB of memory, "flimsy" mini keyboard, and small screen — it's definitely not powerful enough to be used as a primary computer. It also lacks external drives (though it does have three USB ports).

However, if you already have a desktop as your primary computer, a little Asus Eee would give you the portability you need to work outside or on the go. Its benefits — affordable ($550), lightweight (2 pounds), and WiFi capabilities — make it a great little computer for someone who wants a laptop only for writing on the go, and therefore doesn't want to spend a lot of money on it or give up their desktop.

Of course, I still adore my little Averatec, which — as my primary computer — enables me to write wherever I want. Click here for more links with information on laptops for writers.

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