Thursday, May 01, 2008

Blogger in Draft: Testing, testing, 1-2-3

I can be a little skeptical and resistant to change, so I'm just now trying out Blogger in Draft, a beta version of Blogger that was announced last summer. The feature that clinched it for me was scheduled posting, something I always wished Blogger offered: The ability to schedule posts to publish automatically at certain a date and time.

This post is scheduled to publish in about ten minutes, so we'll find out the scheduled post feature works with my FTP setup. If it does, I may be using Blogger in Draft from now on. It's a great feature, one that I could use to avoid long periods of not blogging — like the one this blog saw recently!


Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

I need to test this out too. It will come in really handy when I have a slow period and can write a lot of posts for future dates when I'm too swamped to keep up with Screw You! It's about time Blogger offered this feature, don't you think?!

Katharine Swan said...

I agree. I could have really used this feature over the past year!


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