Monday, May 19, 2008

Beware of GigCrib.com and GoFreelance.com!

Today Writing Frump reminded us of one of the most important reasons for our freelance writing community: to band together and keep each other informed.

Since posting a short exposé on GigCrib, she has been getting many comments from her readers, but she is also worried about how many others have been taken in by GigCrib's fake ads. She has therefore implored the rest of us to post about it and help spread the word about GigCrib.

GigCrib appears to be an affiliate of GoFreelance, a company I have blogged about several times before:

1. The very first post about Freelance Work Exchange's possible scam
2. A rant about FWE's habit of spamming the job boards
3. An announcement about FWE changing their name to GoFreelance
4. An email from Rob Palmer about my blog posts and some information on GigCrib.com
5. New information about a potential GoFreelance.com scam
6. Rob Palmer's failure to keep his word
7. GoFreelance's new policy of stealing resumes

My posts regarding Freelance Work Exchange and GoFreelance.com still attract a lot of search engine traffic, and I am still getting many emails and comments from people sharing their stories or just thanking me for posting these warnings. In fact, I just received two emails this weekend, so Writing Frump's request came at an opportune time.

I advise all freelance writers to stay far, far away from Freelance Work Exchange, GoFreelance.com, and GigCrib.com. Not only is it completely unnecessary to pay membership fees in order to find work, these sites are also potential scams that typically make it next to impossible for you to cancel your membership!


Unknown said...

Katharine dear, many thanks for spreading the love! This old Frump couldn't be more grateful. This particular employer is just too awful for words.

Anonymous said...

Their bait and switch really pissed me off; I keep trying to get off their list, but get email from them every day. I just hit the delete button.

I do not pay for listings or for work.

I get PAID to work. Period.

Katharine Swan said...

Wow, two comments already! Scams like this are obviously sensitive points for more writers than just me. :o)

Frump, I agree with you. Of all the potential scams I've seen, this one disturbs me the most, not the least because it's STILL going after more than 2 years of circulating complaints.

Devon, I'm right there with you! I hope beginning writers will learn from reading our reactions to this kind of BS. You can't make a living as a writer if you're paying for work!

Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

I don't know how these people get away with running the same scam under multiple names. I once almost signed up for their $2.95 trial, but work picked up. That was fortunate for me as I learned soon after that once they've got you signed up, it's almost impossible to get off their $^^# list. Jerks! Screw them!

Katharine Swan said...


Amen to that!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I'm in the market for a part time job and one of the replys to a Craig's List directed me to GigCrib. A quick google search brought me here! Nice Save!


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