Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tornadoes in Colorado today

I've been rather unproductive today because I've been watching the sky so much (not to mention repeatedly putting the car cover back on my car because of the strong winds): There has been a tornado watch in our area all afternoon.

The threat of tornadoes isn't all that common in Denver, so I've been fretting about how to get two big dogs down our narrow, steep basement steps — neither dog has ever gone down them. At the same time, I'd have to also get two cats downstairs — the difficult part there being keeping them down there, since the door is upstairs.

The wind was really bad earlier, and as a result I watched the sky quite a bit, but then it died down. More recently, the sky has grown dark, and the wind has picked up again. Needless to say, I haven't gotten much writing done since it did.

Northeastern Colorado did see some tornado damage today. I had to fight back tears when I read the quote from the guy who said he lost his dog and cats, mainly because that has been my biggest fear all day.


Michele said...

Aw, Katharine, you and your pets are in my prayers!

Stay safe,

Katharine Swan said...

Thanks Michele! Your prayers must already be working, because the sun just came out! :o)

I'm sure (now that the sun's out) that we'll be fine, but there was a point today where I was a little worried. So was Grace -- she was pacing like crazy!

Katharine Swan said...

Check out this video:

Destruction in Windsor, pets wandering streets

Katharine Swan said...

Another frightening video:

Aerial view of the damage in Windsor

The roof is totally gone from one house they zoom in on -- you can see right into the upstairs bedrooms!

Michele said...

You're welcome, Katharine! Oh my goodness, I checked out those videos. That's awful! I'm so glad you were safe. ;-)

Poor Grace! At least the sun came out and the need to worry is gone.