Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Watch it, I dare you!

Please excuse the off-topic post, but I want you to watch something: a video on animal testing.

Evidently, PETA has discovered that the Mars candy company is testing on animals.

Learn more at MarsCandyKills.com.

Can't handle watching the video? Then why on earth would you support animal testing?



Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

For some reason, beagles happen to be one of the chosen breeds for animal testing. I have no idea why, but given that they are my favorite dog breed, such testing bothers me all the more. We have such a testing facility in my area and they often advertise for animal care technicians. I don't think I could stand to work in that kind of an environment for even one day. I'd be one of those people who would release all the animals and then go to jail for it.

Roselyn said...

I'll pass this on. Thank you, Katharine.

Shelly said...

Kudos to you for posting this! I have to turn the channel whenever they show animal cruelty stories because if I thought too much about it, I'd hunt down the abusers and do some bodyslammin'!

Katharine Swan said...


I'd be right there with you.


Thanks, I appreciate it!


I know exactly what you mean. Most of our pets are rescues of one sort or another, and with two of them -- my horse Panama and our newest dog Grace -- their histories make me want to do some serious bodily harm to certain people.

All of you -- you might find my newest post on this subject to be interesting.


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