Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hope for higher-paying freelance writing jobs

Friday's Writerfind.com newletter contained the following blurb:

Is this just me -- or are people just paying less for freelance writing these days?

An increasing number of people are trying to post poorly paid jobs through Writerfind. Those jobs are now being rejected. When we surveyed Writerfind subscribers, most said they would not be willing to work for under 10 cents per word.

The site is intended to be a site for professionals - people who need to make a living from writing and editing. So, from now on, please note that we will only be accepting work which pays 10 cents or more per word. Nor will we be posting "revenue sharing opportunities", as these too, going by the feedback, tend to lead nowhere pay-wise.

Good for Writerfind.com for taking a stand! I hope some of the other freelance writing job boards will follow suit.


Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

Kudos to Writerfind! I'm definitely one of those writers who would never consider working for less that 10 cents per word. I find even that to be a tad on the low side.

Katharine Swan said...

I've worked for less, but it really depends on how much work goes into the overall project. I've had job where 5 cents a word works out to an easy $35 or $40 an hour, just as I've had jobs where even 25 cents a word simply isn't worth it.

Regardless, though, I'm pleased that Writerfind is setting a standard, as many freelance job boards seem to prefer to go the "It's not my responsibility" route.


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