Sunday, December 16, 2007

A very harried Christmas

This ought to demonstrate how un-Christmas-like the season has been for us so far: Michael and I only just started our Christmas shopping today.

I don't want anyone to peek and find out what they're getting, so I'm not going to list the gifts here. But I will say that I think everyone will love their gifts.

In general, though, Michael and I don't have as much to work with as usual right now. My reduced work hours and our decision to move Panama to a more expensive (albeit more convenient) facility, combined with a few other factors, has made money a little tight lately. It's mainly bad timing, as I expect to be able to work longer days again two or three days out of the week once we get Panama moved, but it still sucks to be nearly broke around Christmas.

Besides the money issue, Michael's job has also been considerably more stressful lately. Unlike my work, though, a lot of stress at his job isn't balanced with a higher income. (Usually, when I'm stressed it's because I'm working a lot, which in turn means I'm earning more.) Poor Michael has said that it hasn't felt like the holidays at all — and I suppose it really hasn't.

It's starting to feel more like Christmas, though. We took the picture for our Christmas cards last weekend. The cards came a couple of days ago, and I'll have them all ready to send out on Monday. (I'm thrilled with the cards, by the way. I'll post pictures from the photo shoot on Christmas Day.)

Michael also put the Christmas tree up tonight while I was working, which should help a lot. However, getting ready for Christmas this late means that before we know it, it'll all be over. I hate doing it this way, but there's just no way around it: We're having a very harried Christmas.

How is your holiday season shaping up?


Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

You had special cards printed? Now I can't wait to get mine. I wish I'd done something a bit more personal. Maybe next year. If it's any consolation, every Christmas is harried for me. This year, I'm going to try to take off at least a couple days. I'm aiming for this Friday through the following Wednesday. Let's see if I can keep to that plan!

Katharine Swan said...

Yeah, you'll love the cards! :o) I can't wait for everyone to get them. They're going out tomorrow, so keep an eye on your mailbox!

Glad to know I'm not the only one for whom life gets crazy around Christmas. I'll probably be taking off Friday through Tuesday -- my sister and I are going to spend some time together on Friday, Michael is off on Monday, and of course Tuesday is Christmas.


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