Monday, December 03, 2007

Just me, my computer, and a pizza

Michael is visiting with an old friend this evening, so it's one of those rare evenings where I'm on my own. I'm celebrating by having my favorite kind of pizza (Papa John's thin crust with bacon and onion toppings) delivered. I haven't had a Papa John's pizza since before Michael introduced me to organic more than two years ago, so this is a big occasion for me.

As for the night's entertainment... Well, I'm afraid I'll be spending the evening at my computer, catching up on the day's work. It's the first business day of the month, bills are due, and several payments aren't coming in when I expected them to, which means I can't afford a day of slacking just now.

The dogs are sleeping, the house is quiet, and my pizza is on the way. It feels like a perfect night for great productivity.

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Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl said...

Aw, enjoy your night! At least it's quite and you'll have yummy pizza to get your creative juices flowing :0)



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