Thursday, December 27, 2007

Making money blogging

The Denver Post ran an article yesterday about the money to be made in the blogging business. As usual, the article cites the unusual cases: the folks who make $1,000 or more every month by selling ad space on their own blogs.

However, to its credit the article does note that this is the exception and not the rule:

That doesn't mean bloggers are suddenly flush with money. For every blogger earning a decent side income like Brooks, countless others will never earn a cent.

What I thought was interesting and useful about this article is its discussion of different companies you can use to make money selling ad space on your blog. Here are the services mentioned in the article:

* Google AdSense
* PayPerPost
* BlogAds

Honestly, the only one of these I am familiar with is Google AdSense, which I use on my own blog. And though I am one of those bloggers that earns only peanuts, those peanuts do build up after a while, making a nice bonus for something I'd be doing anyway.

Does anyone have any information or personal experiences with either PayPerPost or BlogAds? I am interested in how they compare to Google AdSense, and I'm sure it's probably a subject of interest for many other bloggers as well.


Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

Hey, I was planning on blogging about a very similar topic. I think we're inspiring each other telepathically this week. LOL

Katharine Swan said...

Well then, I can't wait to see your post! :o)

Yet another cliche for you: "Great minds think alike..." LOL

Jesse Hines said...

Yeah, you see these articles quite a bit. The truth is, though, with time, dedication, and effort, an intelligent person with a good idea really can make good money from blogging--it's definitely a potential reality.

That's the problem for those of us with full-time jobs. If we had the opportunity to make our blogs the full-time job, we could accelerate our success.

But it is what it is.

Anonymous said...

On my main website, I started using Adsense this past June. My first month I made a little over $40. The amount I make has increased each month. I now average $100 weekly.

Pay Per Post pays bloggers to review websites/products on their blog. I've used them in the past on my main website but not a lot. I rarely found a product or service that captured my interest, and I did not want to turn off my readers.

Blog Ads pays bloggers to have adsense blocks from various companies to advertise on your website. I didn't go through a company I picked up an advertiser on my own for my main website. I was paid a lot more.

Affiliate marketing is also good even though my newest website Addicted to Writing is under a week old I've already made money via my affiliate links and that is with an average of 11 viewers daily. The main way I make money online is via affiliate marketing.

Nikki said...

I have to admit that I am pretty bad in the "Making money blogging" department. I don't think I am utilizing adsense correctly, I don't know enough about affilates to know which ones are promising and I haven't looked into Blog Ads to be honest.

However, I do like PayPerPost. I don't blog anything I don't want to. I can be creative with it, and if I am consistent with it (I am not, again with the problem earning money from blogs) I can make enough to pay out allowances for 3 kids for the month.

But again, one of those things I am not really being gung-ho about, therein lies my problem.

Katharine Swan said...

Jesse, "ATW," and Nikki,

Thanks for visiting and adding your input to my post. It is always interesting to hear from people who are able to earn a decent income from selling ad space on their blogs.

Jesse, I don't know that a person's income is always determined by how much time they have to spend on their blog. I think topic has a lot to do with it. For instance, there are tons of writing blogs out there, which narrows the percentage of bloggers who are really successful at selling ad space.

Perhaps Addicted to Writing could answer that question for us, though. ATW, you said that you make $100 per week on one of your sites. How much time do you spend on that site each week to maintain that income? Also, you didn't say how much your writing site makes. Would you be willing to share your income from that site, as well as how much time you put into the site?

ATW and Nikki, thank you very much for your input on AdSense, PayPerPost, and BlogAds.

Finally, ATW, how did you find an advertiser for your blog without the help of a company? I agree it's probably more lucrative that way, but the problem most people will run into is how to find the advertiser in the first place.


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