Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The latest from Anonymous

I just received another comment from "Anonymous" (who claims, by the way, that he is not Knick Onkaspol). I decided not to approve the comment, but I am going to paste some of it here so that I can respond to certain threats "Anonymous" made.

Anonymous says:

Any potential business partner who Google’s his name is going to find this blog which could inadvertently effect his business dealings. Why? Because he made a post asking for writers at a dollar a page? Did you ever once stop and think about Knick, that maybe he is a struggling new business owner trying to better his life by building his own business on a VERY limited budget? You probably didn’t. Because it seems that it is more important to you to drag someone’s name through the mud just because you were insulted by his add. Never at any point of time were you forced to accept.

Your right the first amendment does give someone the freedom of free speech, honestly if this blog was only under Knick and not his full name I could really care less what you wrote on it. The fact is you are slandering his full name, with a big warning “Stay away from this guy” If you had any compassion whatsoever you would apologize to my client and remove his last name from this blog. Stop for one minute and think about how words can effect people. War’s have been started by mere words. This is something else you should know as a “writer”, and then think about how your words may effect someone’s life/business/and credibility.

With that said I am formally requesting that you please remove Knicks last name from your blog. If after reading this you still feel determined to slander my client I will have no choice but to report your website to your domain register (Godaddy) and also to your web hosting provider (The Planet). These are not threats, honestly I prefer to resolve this civilly and save us both a lot of time.

My response:

Actually, the term is "libel," not slander. My blog is NOT libel because everything is either 1) the truth, or 2) clearly stated as opinion. I have proof to back up every factual statement I have made, and all of my warnings are clearly stated as my opinion.

If Knick's budget is as limited as what you say, he shouldn't be hiring writers, plain and simple. The landlord, website host, electrical company, and phone company aren't expected to discount their rates for "struggling new business owners." Writers shouldn't be expected to do this either.

I will not be removing Knick's name from my postings, because it is completely within my legal rights to write about my experiences with him. If Knick doesn't like what I am saying, perhaps he should reconsider what he is doing. All I have done is posted the truth and certain opinions that I have derived from the truth. If this hurts his business opportunities, it is of his own doing, NOT mine.

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