Monday, March 19, 2007

What's irritating me today

Today has not been going my way so far. I have all kinds of little annoyances to deal with, and it's honestly making me want to scream.

1) My haircut. Did I say I wanted the front shorter than the back? No. I said I liked the front chin-length (when wet) and I wanted that length all the way around. This lady has been giving me "flapper cuts" for months now -- what's up with the sudden neglecting to listen to me thing?

Thank goodness my hair grows quickly, so by the time I get my final cut in about a month, I should be able to say, "See how long the front is? I want it that length all the way around."

2) My rattling T-top. Either because my stereo used to cover it up or because the new window seats differently than the original did, the T-top is rattling on the side of my car that got broken into. Not loudly or dangerously, just enough to drive me batty. I can make it go away sometimes, but I haven't quite figured out the pattern yet.

3) Our crappy health insurance. Most health insurance plans suck when you have something like diabetes, but ours is particularly bad. Please introduce me to whoever came up with a free market system for health insurance, because I would like to kill their pancreas, make them diabetic, and see how they like it.

4) Too many wedding plans to deal with. I am so ready to be married already. People who just elope and have the reception later have the right idea.

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Harmony said...

Ack, I'm sure things will get better. But the only way to cure the wedding one is to do it:)
Being diabetic sucks!
I have had gestational diabetes twice now, am considered "pre-diabetic" and have to keep an eye on my oldest son's blood sugars too. But my health insurance covers everything at 100% except the lancets - I end up paying .65 for them.


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