Wednesday, March 07, 2007

An emphatic "Screw you!" to all petty criminals

Thanks to the loser who decided my eight-year-old CD player was worth breaking a window for, I have been dealing with the aftermath of the burglary all day.

I was able to get the police department to come out and dust for prints with surprisingly little trouble. The CSI got what she thought was one good set of prints, but of course it still may be mine. She also took the frame that surrounded my stereo, which the thief took off and left on the floorboard. They'll get prints from it in the lab.

I also talked to a neighbor who saw the thief. Unfortunately, he didn't see his face, but I still gave the CSI the neighbor's name and number. I'm still trying to make contact with a couple of other neighbors.

It was hard to get motivated enough to do anything this afternoon. I took a long time going to sleep last night, and just as long getting up this morning. I wanted to just stay in bed and sleep all day, or at the very least refrain from dealing with anything at all, but I did manage to get a bunch of things done...of which I am very glad.

I decided as I was falling asleep last night this thief - whoever he was - deserves a very emphatic "Screw you!" in the spirit of Kathy Kehrli. Why should I have to feel depressed and unsafe because of some jacka$$ who wants to make a quick ten bucks? So hold on while I give this petty criminal the proverbial finger...and make plans to (almost) never leave my house again.

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