Monday, March 19, 2007

My biggest procrastination excuses

These are my biggest weaknesses when I'm trying to get work done -- or procrastination excuses, as the case may be. What are yours?

1) Michael: Michael is my number one biggest weakness when it comes to working. If he's around, I find it really difficult -- if not impossible -- to get anything done.

2) Errands and chores: You know, those little piddly things that eat up your time when you're not paying attention. Somehow telling myself, "Well, it had to be done," is a consolation even when I know I'm deliberately putting something off. When I'm not trying to procrastinate, I try to schedule errands and chores so that I get them all done in one block; otherwise, the five minutes here and five minutes there keeps me distracted from writing.

3) Reading: I love to read; when I was little, the teachers complained that they couldn't get me to stop reading, even in class. I don't read instead of working often, but every once in a while I get this book that's impossible to put down...so I don't even try. It's even worse if it's for a book review, because then I feel vindicated for reading instead of working.

4) Blogging: As I think I've mentioned, my blogs pull in the majority of my website traffic... And now, thanks to AdSense, I'm actually earning a little money from them, too. When I blog I feel sort of like I am working, so I often find myself blogging when I'm putting off something I don't want to do.

5) Nice weather: I may be a Colorado girl, but that doesn't mean I'm the outdoorsy type. However, nice weather is still a detriment to my work schedule, especially on the weekend... And especially since I can take the T-tops down on my car when I drive in nice weather.

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Shannan Powell said...

My 13 month old is my biggest reason for not getting things done these days. How can anyone resist the smiling face of a little boy who is so proud of himself for throwing his toy in the trash can...


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