Thursday, March 08, 2007

The latest from Knick Onkaspol

Knick Onkaspol is the "employer" I discussed earlier this afternoon. I seriously recommend that you avoid this guy at all costs.

Here is the gist of our exchange:

Knick posted an ad.

I responded with my cover letter and resume.

Knick emailed me back with the details of the project.

I emailed him back saying that his prices ($1 per article to start) were insultingly low.

He emailed me back asking why I was searching for jobs on Craigslist if I'm so great that a buck an article isn't good enough for me, and insulting me with the statement, "You might not be as good as you think you are………"

I emailed him back saying that I suspected his gig was low-paying, and wanted to confirm my suspicions (so that I could tell him off). I noted that I would be warning other writers about him.

He emailed me back just now, accusing me of not reading the job description all the way through to see the pay raise he offered for loyal writers. (This pay raise, by the way, is to "$2 onwards" per article. Yippee.) He closed with the sulky statement, "So, go ahead go ruin another person passion by your ego and tell your fellow writers."

I think that this guy's lack of professionalism speaks for itself, but I still wanted to get my 2 cents out there. My advice to everyone is to stay far, far away from Knick Onkaspol!


wordwizard said...

I'm a woman living in Ohio that has been in the writing field for many years. I too answered Knick's ad but came away with a totally different feeling than what has been posted here. I took the plunge for the "low" paying articles and was not only paid immediately but given opportunities through his company that not only holds a much larger and lucrative future, but I have also made a friend in Knick. You should have read the ad further to see that he does offer possibilities. You have to crawl before you can walk. Yes, I make MUCH more money in my other jobs, but I'm more than happy that I took a chance with Knick.

Katharine Swan said...

Thank you for your input, Wordwizard. Mostly, thank you for being polite about it.

However, please do not think that just because I wasn't interested in the opportunity, that it means I didn't read the ad. I did read it -- and his email -- and I wasn't impressed. To me, anyone who only offers $1 an article to start is not likely to have any opportunities I am interested in.

Thanks again for your input.


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