Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My no good, very bad, horrible-a$$ day

Today should have been a fantastic day. I had a meeting with a local client that went incredibly well, and a meeting with my "NaNo" friends (local writers that I met during NaNoWriMo in 2006) scheduled for this evening.

And on this day - the one afternoon in weeks that I wasn't home - my car got broken into.

It was clearly a quickie job, because not everything of value was taken. The passenger window was completely shattered, and the stereo ripped out of the dash. They left the other stereo equipment, the papers in the glovebox, and even a wallet of CDs sitting in plain view. They didn't even take the time to cut the wires to the stereo - just pulled until they came loose.

The cops came and took a quickie report to go with the quickie theft; I have to call tomorrow and see if I can convince them to dust for prints. (I think they should, since several houses nearby were hit, and this is the second string of burglaries in the last few months... I want to feel safe in my neighborhood, but unfortunately the cops may not see it that way.) I'm also going to try to talk to more of the neighbors. Our next door neighbors heard the glass breaking around 2 or 2:30pm (within half an hour after I left!), so I'm hoping some of the other neighbors might have heard something more - particularly those whose houses are closer to the alley.

And of course, I have to replace the window. I'll get it at a junkyard, and it shouldn't cost very much, but that's still an expense that I wasn't planning on. The part I'm really not looking forward to is doing the actual replacement. In addition to what a pain it is to take off the door panel and dismantel the inner workings of the door, I'm also going to have to try to get out all the glass that fell down in there - without cutting myself in the process.

I'm pretty upset about the whole thing. Although my friends still came over, I had a hard time socializing. And there was absolutely no way I was going to get any more work done today. This entire thing has given me a lot more to do over the next few days - stuff I didn't have time for to begin with.

What a pain in the a$$.


wordwizard said...

Speaking from experience on this issue, I know exactly how you feel. My husband and I awoke one morning to find someone had entered our carport and shatterd the driver and passenger window of our truck, which one shattering would have been enough to give access, but he did both. Luckily the things that were stolen were recovered and the perp was caught, but even knowing he was sitting in jail didn't give a warm and fuzzy feeling. Besides the intrusion, inconvenience and angry feelings it causes, it also gives you a sick feeling in the pit of the stomach to know while we were sleeping, a total stranger was on our property and going through our private things. That's a feeling you never lose, it's that invasion of the area you hold sacred and feel safe within. Approximately three years later our home was broken into, 9:15pm, I though it was my husband coming home but walked into the kitchen to find someone I didn't know standing there, who proceeded to beat me up, but not before I too threw a few good punches. Unfortunately at that very same time a larger scale crime was going on in my town and it took all of the attention, so I was left by the wayside of fear and disgust. I just wanted to say that I know exactly how you feel in regards to this issue, once your safe spot has been invaded, it NEVER feels quite as safe again.

Katharine Swan said...

Wordwizard, thank you for your sympathy! Yes, it is the violation that hurts the most. I'm really attached to my car, too, so I feel like she (yes, it's a she) has been raped or something.

I am using my car cover religiously now, in the hopes that it will deter anyone who is looking for a "quickie" job.


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