Monday, March 12, 2007

Magical Monday

It's a beautiful Monday, and everything is going my way.

1) I went to bed early last night, and got up early this morning. And although it took me a looooong time to fall asleep, getting up at 7:45 (yes, 7:45!) this morning wasn't that difficult. Of course, that might be because I had Michael to wake me up.

I'm hoping to go to bed early again tonight, and get myself onto a schedule where I get up around 9-9:30am every morning. It may not sound very ambitious, but when you figure that I was getting up around 1-2pm every day for quite a while there, it puts the whole thing in a new light!

2) I went to the junkyard, and they ordered me a new window for my car for not much more than the used one (that didn't fit). I'm supposed to pick up the new window later this afternoon.

And no, I didn't yell at them. They were too nice about it, and it seems the problem was on the end of the "tech" who pulled the window (rather than the guys at the counter). I might have yelled at the tech, had I had a chance...

I'm having problems with the fact that the new window is half of what it would have cost to get the window and have it installed by Elite Auto Glass. On one hand, I'm disappointed about having to pay more for this window than I'd planned on, but on the other hand I'm appalled that Elite is making $75 off of an install that probably takes them less than an hour to do.

Of course, truth be told, I'd always rather do the repair myself. That way I know it's done right. I don't want to have to wonder if some newbie window tech mixed up two screws, or cross-threaded something, or left a pile of broken glass inside my window. If I know I can do it myself, and do it right, why pay someone else good money to do it for me?

3) It's a beautiful day. Yes, this figures into my feelings of happiness this morning. Not only did I get up early and get the window problem taken care of, it's also warming up to be a 70-degree day. As I was letting myself into the house, the sun was warm, the birds were chirping, and all the various pets were happy to see me.

This is bliss.

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