Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beware: Leslie Lomax

On the request of another blogger, I am posting a link to her warning about non-paying client Leslie Lomax. She did the typical deadbeat client thing of praising the first article, asking for more, then never getting back in touch with the writer after she turned in the additional work. Unfortunately, the writer didn't have any contact information for her other than her email address, so she has no way to pressure the client into paying the rest of what she owes.

Two lessons to be learned from this situation:

1. A deposit or partial upfront payment protects somewhat against you getting screwed, but doesn't make it impossible.

2. Always get contact information for a client before entering into any agreement with them — not just an email address, but also a phone number and physical address.

And of course, stay away from Leslie Lomax!

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